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Bay Area Hindu Temple

Sri Maha Rudra Yagna

Three Day Event June 21 / 22 / 23, 2019 at Bay Area Hindu Temple (Part Of Shirdi Sai Darbar)


  • We are raising funds for the construction of a Permanent temple for Baba and all deities.
  • Donors of 1 million $ and above will have their names inscribed in any one of the three temple halls.
  • Grand Platinum Sponsorship for Temple: $ 501K
  • Grand Diamond Sponsorship for Temple: $251K
  • Grand Gold Sponsorship for Temple: $151K
  • Grand Sponsorship for the entire Sri Maha Rudra Yagnam: $50001 and above (Maha Yajaman)
  • Grand Sponsorship for One entire Yagnam: $5001 and above [Yajaman for 11 Ganaas)
  • Sponsorship for One Priest / Ritwik for Yagnam: $2001/ $2501 (Pradaan Kalash)
  • General Sponsorship for any Yagnam: $1100
  • General Sponsorship for all 3 days Prasadam: $25000
  • Any Amount of $101 & above can be donated towards Maha Rudra Jagnam 3 Day Event.
  • Puja Cost Free & Free blessed Saree to all Suvasinis participants in Maha Lakshmi Deepam puja on Friday June 21, 2019 (All Puja items will be provided)
  • Puja Cost Free & Free Blessed Shirdi Sai Idol to All participants in Shirdi Sai Vrat Puja on June 23, 2019 (All Puja items will be provided)
  • All Ritwik’s will be getting ( Dhoti Set,shawl,Panchpatra set for Achaman, Silver covered rudrakash Mala & Prasad Pack)
  • Anyone Donating Amount $2001 and more will be getting blessed Maha Rudra Yagna Prasad, depending on the Level of Donation, Special Prasad varies for Donor $50k & More.
Sai's Wall of Donor - Donor's Name Inscription Program
Plaque Category Donations A Plaque in donors family name
Million Dollar Pillar $ 1 mil Or more Dedicated Pillar 12x12x84 inches
½ Million Dollar Pillar $ 500,001 to $999,999 Dedicated Pillar 12x6x60 Inches
¼ Million Dollar Pillar $ 251k to $ 500,000 Dedicated Pillar 12x6x36 Inches
Diamond Arch $ 50,001 to $ 250,000 12x18 inches
Platinum Arch $ 25,001 to $ 50,000 8x12 inches
Gold Arch $ 15,001 to $ 25,000 6x12 inches
Silver Arch $ 5,001 to $ 15,000 4x12 inches
Bronze Arch $2001 to $ 5,000 2x12 inches
Donation Options :
  1. Cash/ Check in the name of "SHIRDI SAI DARBAR" in Any Donation box/Hundi inside Shirdi Sai Darbar Temple.
  2. Credit/Debit card: Use Onsite Square Machine in the Lobby to Donate.
  3. Mail Check in the name of "SHIRDI SAI DARBAR" to temple address, 255 San Geronimo Way, Sunnyvale, CA 94085.
  4. PayPal / (Details on www.shirdisaidarbar.org ), use Any Donation option and add comments about the purpose.

All online donations  and  onsite Donations using Square does not require any other separate Receipt, As you already get a confirmation Receipt for the donations.

* You can forward the confirmation emails to www.shirdisaidarbar.org

* All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by Law.

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